Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Always Feel Like...Somebody's Watchin' Me

Sorry if you’re not a Toby Mac fan then you probably didn’t get the title.  Anyways, have you ever just sat and watched people’s actions and judgments based on their facial expressions and body language?  I did today and it was really funny in a way.  On the infamous LexTran bus system there is usually a great number of people on the bus and everyone fights to sit down. Once seated and moving the bus goes silent except for the occasional friends that don’t care about peoples opinions of their crazy weekend of sinful enjoyment.  So today I sit next to this really oddly dressed guy.  Purple plaid pants, a black sports coat with patches and bumper stickers attached, and a pirate bandanna.  Not odd?  Re-evaluate.  As I turn to take a look around to see if I knew anyone on the bus, a sudden noise becomes present that was hidden by the rush before…. bagpipes.  This struck me as odd and yet again from the same guy.  

Just as I heard it and discovered the source this girl in front of me turns around and looks at him straight in the face, he (being the kind that cares not what anyone thinks right now) simply smiles and waves queerly at her.  She turns back around with a sigh and rolls her eyes with the intent of letting him know she was annoyed… he couldn’t hear her.  

Moments later the girl sitting next to this girl (bear with me) gets up and walks/jogs off the bus as if skipping to a Barney song.  I laugh inside, but the girl in front of me looks at her with a sigh and rolls her eyes with the intent of letting her know she was annoyed… she couldn’t see her.  

The thing that interested me about this girl is the fact that I see her every morning, with a friend and her coffee mug so happy and joyful.  She is the loudest and most obnoxious person on the bus.  Not to mention it is 8:30am.  Her and her friend may not get a seat together but they will still carry on a conversation about what ever they feel like talking about or just make noises back and forth to each other followed by laughs as if speaking in code.  

Are you ever conscious that the things that you do are the same things that annoy you about other people?


Adam B. said...

Haha. The LexTran bus!

Nick C. said...

Shut up catholic school girl.

TaylorW said...

I had some fun times on the BUS during EBCE in high school. = you never know what your're gonna get on those things...