Friday, December 07, 2007

By Popular Demand...Ok Just One Person

So I'm back in the bloging world, only now on wordpress. is the place to be check it out!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Earth of Now... Earth of Noah

I have come to be disgusted with what the world is today. The band Linkin Park has come out with a new single called 'What I've Done', it refers to all the evil that has come from the selfish, pleasure seeking, totally deprived beings with no consideration for others. The video sent chills down my spine as i watched it, showing a starving man in Africa before the American man eating a sandwich big enough to feed Africa itself; showing the testing of the a-bomb and it's use on other countries; the battle of race from the KKK to Hitler to abortion; all this evil that surrounds us every day that we live with. We are unmoved and should be outraged by these things. I think back to when God flooded the earth because he was angered by what His creation had become, a selfish, pleasure seeking, totally deprived group of beings that had no consideration for others. How will God intervene this time?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I haven't posted in a very long time and after I stopped I was wondering if it would be worth getting back into or if I should just leave and start reading and commenting more. If you still read or check every once and a while leave a comment and maybe I'll try to start posting more.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Promised Poems...Enjoy

I prayed for a light,

God gave me the moon,

That shines just as bright

As your eyes do at noon.

I prayed for great wealth,

God gave me the gold,

That gleams from your hair

In the snow fall and cold.

I prayed for beauty,

And God gave me you,

That no earthly thing

Could ever compare to.

Our love is like a fairy tale,

As Perfect and Serene,

If evil armies do prevail,

You will remain my Queen.

I will be your protective knight,

From all the evil things,

I will love you with all my might,

For with you my heart sings.

Cinderella cannot compare,

To you in any way,

I love your brown eyes and gold hair,

I love you night and day.

Unicorns and all the rainbows,

Have not seen a color,

That can compare, God only knows,

My love as no other.

My love floats, just like a feather,

Without any master,

We’ll live happily together,

And Forever After.

More to come on Valentines Day!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Refocus...Being Bi-polar

I'm sitting in Chemistry right now realizing how much I hate engineering (sorry Jon). I'm wondering why I ever wanted to be an engineer and I think of the money. I am doing my budget to see what I need if I were to live on my own and I found that I can live off of what I make now and still have money to spend on the things I want. So why then do I want the money that is so associated with engineers. Because it's not enough. The flesh side of me wants to never have to worry about money, to always have everything I want, and that by achieving these things I'll aways be happy. The spiritual side of me wants to trust God in his plan (but first discovering what that plan is), never rely on my own means to survive, and serve him with out a lust for 'things'. Every Christian must have this bi-polar reaction to wanting what they don't have. I wish I had the guts and the knowledge to move into the woods with a tent and some tools and live for the rest of my life only going to town to buy clothes and more tools. This life is so full of unnecessary things that we don't need. Why do we need (not want) plasma screen TV's, 3 story houses for 4 people, one car for the summer and one for the winter, cell phones that play music and show pictures, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, shampoo that makes your hair curly or straight, cloning research, abortion, wars against people we don't even know, and cars that park themselves (I'm sorry but that has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard of). I will never be able to understand this world or God's purpose for granting us free will until I am able to look at it from his view.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Why...Cooper's Psalms

Why is everything so blurry
Almost invisible
Why am I in such a hurry
To achieve things so slow.

Why have you planned
What is not yet revealed
Why do I long to be informed
On things that are concealed

Why are these spiritual things
So difficult to grasp
Why can't we find the wings
To put things in the past

Why are they who I knew so well
Now so far away
Kept inside their perishing shell
Oh, the things I want to say

Why do I strive to love them more
Yet never see the time
I pray you'll never close the door
Make a forgiving heart of mine

To be loved, love
To be forgiven, forgive
To be a friend, befriend