Monday, November 06, 2006

Why...Cooper's Psalms

Why is everything so blurry
Almost invisible
Why am I in such a hurry
To achieve things so slow.

Why have you planned
What is not yet revealed
Why do I long to be informed
On things that are concealed

Why are these spiritual things
So difficult to grasp
Why can't we find the wings
To put things in the past

Why are they who I knew so well
Now so far away
Kept inside their perishing shell
Oh, the things I want to say

Why do I strive to love them more
Yet never see the time
I pray you'll never close the door
Make a forgiving heart of mine

To be loved, love
To be forgiven, forgive
To be a friend, befriend


kat said...

please, give us some insight to your inspiration, mr. cooper! i didnt realize you were so poetic!

Nick C. said...

Umm lets see here. Basically a 'sum of all fears' lately I have had a lot of questions about life and why certain things are happening, why all of the friends I used to have never speak to me, and what God holds for the rest of my life. It's hard to wait sometimes.

jennifer said...

i love you!

Adam B. said...

cooper! that some deep stuff. poetry can be so revealing, relaxing, inspirational, etc. --> great! i'm here for you brother.

kat said...

keep on seeking HIS voice, good luck!

jennifer said...

hi wierdo!

Sleet said...

Keep your head up Nicky-C.

Just a few days til CROWDER!!

TaylorW said...

excellent choice of words.