Saturday, January 06, 2007

Promised Poems...Enjoy

I prayed for a light,

God gave me the moon,

That shines just as bright

As your eyes do at noon.

I prayed for great wealth,

God gave me the gold,

That gleams from your hair

In the snow fall and cold.

I prayed for beauty,

And God gave me you,

That no earthly thing

Could ever compare to.

Our love is like a fairy tale,

As Perfect and Serene,

If evil armies do prevail,

You will remain my Queen.

I will be your protective knight,

From all the evil things,

I will love you with all my might,

For with you my heart sings.

Cinderella cannot compare,

To you in any way,

I love your brown eyes and gold hair,

I love you night and day.

Unicorns and all the rainbows,

Have not seen a color,

That can compare, God only knows,

My love as no other.

My love floats, just like a feather,

Without any master,

We’ll live happily together,

And Forever After.

More to come on Valentines Day!


SMITTY said...

Casanova? Is it really you?

Nick C. said...

I'll take that as a compliment haha

Nick C. said...

Histoire de ma vie

Anonymous said...

will you marry me?

Nick C. said...

I married an anonymous person once... turned out to be a guy. it wouldn't work out.

Sean Carter said...

Good poem....will be following your posts...and for some more Valentines Day fun do drop by my blog sometime and share your thoughts as well!!!

FYI said...

well of course unicorns have not seen a color that can compare...they are color blind. and not real.

Nick C. said...

Yeah well Noah told me he saw them get out of the arc, even though he didn't see them get on. but he said after they frolicked in the Autumn mist, he never saw one again.

kat said...

nick, wow....uhhhh- a side of you i've never seen!! uuhhhhhhh

TaylorW said...

i liked the poem... but I'm jealous, is it for the readers or for jennifer?

just playin, good to see you postin.

queenhaiku said...

i thought that was puff the magic dragon that frolicked in the autumn mist.

Jennifer said...

soooo it's been a while since your last post... what happened to valentines day???

Nick C. said...


Anonymous said...

hey - come on man. post something.

(why is he jumping? why are they still jumping?)