Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spring Break...The Return to The Routine Day

Now that Spring Break is over we all come back to continue our routine, boring, traditional, day. My wish for all of the 10 that went to Destin, Florida with me, will continue their daily time with their Savior and will continue leading the Student Ministry for as long as the church will let us. What makes me sad yet happy is that, that trip will probably be our last 'thing' we do together before we disperse into the real world. The last time we will see each other for who we really are (living together for a week). Yet at the same time it is to disperse the good news of Jesus Christ into the real world. The past week was good though some of us got sick of each other we are still just as close if not closer. I hope that when we all go off to school that we will keep in touch and remain accountable to one another. I hope that you will find a church home near where you are that preaches scripture and not only feel good text. I will be praying for all of us that we will not give in to temptaions that we will be so influenced by in this new environment and that when we return to see each other their will be nothing we would regret doing after it all. We talked about everything we want to change in our lives now is the time to put all of that into action.


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why is your day so routine and boring Nick?? your day should be filled with joy and excitement because you have one more opportunity to serve Christ each time you wake up.... (take advantage) :-)