Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring Break...A New Perspective

As many of you know we, the senior class of '06 at Porter, are taking a trip to Destin Florida over Spring Break. One thing I want to do one day is to just go out to the beach one night and look at the stars... it's something you can't do very well here in Lexington. I want to look and listen to the ocean... something we don't have in Kentucky. I want to appreciate everything God has created that I take for granted every day. I want to challenge everyone who reads this to try and see creation for what it is... God showing us his greatness so that we will be left without excuse when we say we didn't know he existed. It's like the fast talk on a radio commercial or the tiny words on a T.V. screen, except it's slow-moving so we can understand, huge so we can see, and glorify God because of it. It's hard sometimes to just sit down outside, (especially for me because I have the attention span of a new born), and enjoy everything God has created for us to enjoy.


Keith Walters said...

"I want to challenge everyone who reads this to try and see creation for what it is."

I agree, and would extend this challenge to not only view creation as a mere representation of the power, beauty, size, and complexity of God; but the grace of God as well. How beautiful, abundant, and fruitful is creation and how unworthy are we to be given such a marvelous and gracious gift; much less be entrusted to rule over it? How gracious is God to so openly and clearly reveal himself to those as lowly and undeserving as we?

Trust and Obey said...

Hey Nick. Thanks for the encouraging words. I really appreciate them and the willingness you have to let God use you, especially in Peru. You're awesome.

Erin Thomas