Friday, July 07, 2006

Poor Man...Kill The Pride/ Be Thankful

Have you ever been driving down the road or walking down the street and seen a homeless man (sorry all you female activists but I've never seen a homeless woman, although I'm sure they exist)?

A) Poor Man- I saw a homeless man today, and it broke my heart as always. I've heard so many stories about how you are not supposed to give them money because they'll go and waste it on what ever made them lose all their money in the first place. I have come to one conclusion. Read the sign. If it says they want food, give them food. McDonald's 'Arch cards are great. I think the card is free and you can put money on them and then give them to someone like this. If it says money... well it kind of comes to a debate. How do you show someone the love of Christ yet help their addiction (I realize that not all homeless people have an addiction)? A New Testament will not provide them lunch but is probably the best thing you can do for them besides adopt them into your family. I challenge you all to stock up on arch cards and NT's, and hand them out to the next homeless people you see, they really need it.

B) Killing The Pride- We will never know what it's like to have nothing. The husbands job in the family is usually to provide the money for the family. It is a pride thing, to try make more money than your neighbor, or to be the one that your family depends on. When this money is not earnable and your family begins to suffer, it kills your pride. These men stand out in the street with a sign that basically says 'I have nothing'. Every person that drives by looks at them with judgment, taking for granted everything that they have. When they see him, their empty gas tank does not amount to the emptiness in his life. As I drove by listening to my $300 iPod, driving my $3,000 car, talking on my $100 cell phone, with $3 worth of gas left in my tank, I could only sit there and think about all that I have. How ironic that the one time I needed it the most, I had no cash. This man was holding the sign in front of his face to keep whatever piece of pride he held onto. He did not want to be seen doing this but who would hire such a man.
We have so much pride in the things we have that we aren't satisfied with what we have. We are constantly upgrading and renovating. My neighborhood is notorious for renovating, you cannot drive down the street without seeing a truck that is moving in furniture, landscaping, or building on to the house. My challenge on this point is to just thank your parents for what they do for you, and thank God for blessing your family.


Sleet said...

Great observations Coop. Thanks for the compassionate insights. Don't ever lose your heart for people - it is so easy to get misplaced.

SMITTY said...

I agree Nick...I rarely give them money, I usually take them into McDonald's on campus myself. That way you can buy them some grub and try to spark up a conversation. Most I have encountered are completely willing to talk to you about anything. They starve for attention and love...just like the rest of the world. Never stop caring for these souls.