Friday, July 21, 2006

Wally World...The Life of the Legend

So yesterday was Wally’s 36th B-day.  Tell him happy Birthday next time you see him.


spot's been shot said...

the saddest thing happened last weekend...i was camping at cave run with my dog spot and he suddenly fell over like he had been shot. i'm sure gonna miss that dog.

Jordan's Momma said...

Wally has been a permanent fixture in the Cornett/Baldridge clan since I was young cuz Jordan's grandpa has always taken him out places with our family. My favorite story is when Wally walked up to a visitor at PMBC (A VISITOR) and did his usual your pretty comment to her. It did not end there though as it usually does, no, Wally passed by her leaned back and said "NO YOUR NOT!" Needless to say the Cornett family had to exit the area immediately in order to not fall on the floor in front of the poor lady laughing hysterically!