Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wally World...The Life of a Legend

Wally loves soft drinks (along with his daily KFC, BK, and Lays Chips), Coke or Pepsi in particular. A few days ago I told him he should start drinking water because Coke is bad for him. He stopped, looked at me and simply said “Nothing wrong with me.” Then the next day he came in with diet coke. I said “Wally, why do you have diet today.” he said, “better for me”, chuckled, and continued to direct the radio as it sang 80’s music.


TaylorW said...

haha, Wally is indeed a character. Can't wait to hear more. Tell him "Wally, make the Home Run sound!" = it is pretty sweet when he does it. It sounds like a real home run.

J. Wiley said...

ask him to do a grand slam and it's even louder.

you're already making a difference in that man's life... one diet coke at a time, way to go nick cooper.

- The Real John Wiley

Sleet said...

I am trying to remember all of the home runs I have ever heard. How does a real home run sound Taylor? Maybe, I've never heard a "real home run." - please tell me this isn't true! :(

TaylorW said...

i dunno, to be sure I'd have to ask wally.

Keith Walters said...

I can't believe he drank a Diet Coke I have been telling him water is better for years, so thats awesome. Keep looking out for his health man. You need to buy a sports almanac (if that is how you spell it) and just start asking Wally questions. Last time he knew every World Series back to the year he was born.