Monday, March 20, 2006

Abortion and Cloning Part 2...God's Will

This is a story that I was just recently informed about that really puts into perspective the derangement of abortion. Those of you who have been going to Porter longer than I, probably know this story. There was a young man who made the mistake of having pre-marital sex, and in God's gracious, just, merciful, and flawless will, the girl became pregnant. She wasn't going to be able to support a child so she decided to abort/terminate the child developing inside of her. The young man desperately told her that if she went ahead and had the child, he would take care of her and raise her, she wouldn't have to do a thing. The mother thought this was a pretty good idea so she did it. Today we see this young girl every Sunday and Wednesday as happy as can be, ignorant to the fact that she would not be here if it wasn't through the loving grace of God through her father.

I have no doubt in my mind that God does not have something HUGE in store for that little girl. God has a purpose for each and every 'fetus'/'embryo', that we end every time we abort a child. We as Christians cannot be pro-choice, this refutes our reputation of being loving/caring people of God and makes us look like we don't care what goes on in our world, that we have no want or need for the sinners around us. If we are to win people to Christ, how will we do so if we don't show that we love even unborn children. We should show love for all while staying true to our beliefs. We need to show that if we get rid of abortion, we won't have a need for cloning. I read an article today about how some scientists say 'the reason we are cloning is to harvest people for parenting.' As a people we have gotten so sinful that we as a culture do not want to take part in sex anymore. I know that sounds weird since sex is a sin but that is only when outside of marriage. We are leaving the process given to us by God and are trying to birth children by test tubes rather than by conception. Sex is a pleasure given to us by God, but now we are becoming so sinful that we are rejecting the things he has given to please us, and are making our own methods of creating offspring.

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Kathryn said...

that is an amazing story that i had forgotten about! God is truly amazing and divine.
Good post, nick!