Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Respecting Your Colors...During 'The Pledge'

One thing that makes me furious, is watching people during the pledge. Some stand like they're supposed to, some sit, some keep doing whatever they were doing, and some even go as far as to talk through it. I think the reason it makes me so mad is the fact that we are in a time of war as I am writing this. We are almost getting to the piont of treating our soldiers with as much respect as we did during Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, most Americans were against it so when the slodiers came back from the war, we treated them like they weren't even citizens. We left them out on the street without their homes, which is why there are so many Vietnam veterans at the V.A. Hospital today. I just hope that all of you who read this respect your country, not because of the way they look at God (trying to get him out of everything they possibly can) but because it is a good thing to do.

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Wes said...

Good stuff family.....we Coopers have to stick together.