Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Don't Waste Your Life...Being a Scientist

For those of you who have never read John Piper's book 'Don't Waste Your Life' it's a good read but it could be a lot shorter than it is. Piper tends to describe a ton and uses a bunch of analogies that are unnecessary, but that is beside the point, his book made me come to an astounding conclusion today in my Physics class. We were watching a film on how 'Life', or creation, has affected the world we live on. It started by speaking of the usual evolution theory along with commentaries by a few scientist's. In the end they discovered that life is destroying itself. That blue-green algae are eating away their own environment, black holes are consuming theirs, and humans are destroying theirs. They claimed to have found the simplest form (or oldest form) of life in the farthest parts of the Earth (which in itself is an idiotic phrase because the Earth is round... how do you go to the farthest point, anyways) they claimed that these early forms of life could could have started the evolutionary process in which humans eventually descended from. Now take into consideration these cells they were describing looked like a sea horse. In my opinion it takes a lot more faith to believe that we came from a seahorse, this is when I stopped watching the movie and started looking at these scientist's for the idiot's they are. In speaking of our planet being the only one (out of all of the ones we know of) that could sustain life, they never even came across the fact that there could be a higher power that created this 'Life'. They showed a picture of the earth from the moon, it looked like an ant on a 1,000 acre farm.

Our sun, the center of our galaxy, is a star. There are an infinite amount of stars, which means there are infinite galaxies around those countless stars, and scientists still believe they all came from ONE, atomic-bomb-like, explosion that happened over billions of years ago. It kills me that educators are leaving out so many details. Lee Strobels book 'The Case For a Creator' has taught me a lot while reading which is probably where the following argument came from. In order for the 'Big Bang' theory to work there would be tons upon tons of dust and ash from that explosion on earth, and every other planet, where ZERO life could flourish, and scientists still believe that life came from this. I don't understand how people who are supposed to be the most educated and intelligent people in our culture cannot see the simplest realization there is, that God is in control. Every time they make a prediction, hypothesis, or theory, it is more often than not, proven wrong by the same evidence the idea was formed from.


Kathryn said...

I think the reason so many scientists and "brilliant" men and women of our time fall into this lie of evolution, is because it is easy to believe when looking at science and math and reason. So many people need a calculable, sure explanation behind every mechanism or every phenomenon because that is solid, that is measurable and absolute. What so many scientists are lacking is the absolute power of the creator of the universe (ID, as some scientists might call God, ID...intelligent design). Faith isn't a factor and cannot be for these people because it fails to explain, it takes "believing without seeing."

I really am not knowledgeable on this subject, but last night i attended a debate: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design, William Dembski argued the ID side but never mentioned the primary concept behind christianity: FAITH. Although he is an insanely smart man, I think Christianty (or ID) cannot be solely explained thruogh science. it takes more, that is why it is harder for men like you saw in that video and Dr. Michael Sherbur (Evolution-side debator) to trust GOD!!!

Sorry this a long comment, but your post brings up a great topic that i (and most Christians) feel strongly about).
Good job, Nick!

Keith Walters said...

Yeah, I went to the debate too it was fun, over my head but still fun.

Random question about Don't Waste Your Life, a great book that changed my life, if Piper were to rewrite it without those analogies what whould you want the book to look like? That sounds strange but it I think it would aide others in understanding how to communicate to the youth culture.

Nick C. said...

Keith- I don't really know what I was saying when I wrote that part of the post because after I read it I realised that thats all books are anymore, unless its an informational book like A Case For A Creator(great book for this topic). Honestly I was just wanting it to be shorter, because it seems to talk about the same concept throughout the whole book. I understand the purpose for my life now and how to glorify God in everything that I do, in only 4 Chapters. Each chapter seems to repeat itself with different analogies and a slightly different way to Glorify God through something. Thanks for reading my blog though I didn't think anyone but like 4 people read it.

Keith Walters said...

Good deal man. I just saw that someone followed a link on your blog to my blog and decided to come and read. It always impresses me to read blogs from the high schoolers because you are so far ahead of where I was at your age. I was lost at your age so that is not very hard but you get my point. :)

Woody said...

Dembski is an insanely smart man, and you can be assured as a Prof a Sothern he stands on his "faith". But I also know that all truth is God's truth. He has left us with a world where "His invisible attributes are clearly seen.." Rom 1:20. You said that Dembski never mention Faith; that is true and for good reason. It was scientific debate and faith plays on part in that. You said also that Christianity cannot be soley explained through science, we must note that Dembski was not trying to explain Christianity, but the concept of a Intelligent Designer when discussing the origin of human life.
Dembski knows that you can't explain Christianity through science alone, but he was making the case for an Intelligent Designer that would open the door for a deeper spiritual conversation.